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Our products

Our product range comprises classical organic baking and oil seeds as well as traditional organic cereal and flour products, but also special and innovative organic raw materials.

Most products are not only certified according to EC eco-regulation No 834/2007 but also according to:

  • und KOSHER-

please ask for details:

baking and oil seeds

Pumpkin seed Pumpkin seed Styrian organic …

… grow in typical farming areas of Austria such as „Steiermark“, but also in Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The so-called Styrian oil pumpkin carries dark-green seeds without shell. The typical nutty taste and crisp bite makes the Styrian pumpkin seed a delicious snack and a brilliant ingredient for bread and confectionary. Because of the high oil content and high-value composition of fatty acids pumpkin seed oil is an exquisite premium oil for fine cooking.

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Linseed Linseed brown organic …

… is successfully cultivated in Romania.

Linseed brown is a long-established baking and oil seed classic. This valuable ingredient for crunchies and mueslis is also essential for many baking products.

Cold-pressed linseed oil with an amount of more than 50 % of omega-3 fatty acids is one of the most precious nutritional oils.

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Sunflower kernels Sunflower kernels organic …

… find best growing conditions especially in Romania.

Sunflower kernels are an exceptional all-round component and are considered to be a superb ingredient for crunchies, mueslis and salads. They are frequently used in the complete baking assortment.

Bakery sunflower kernels are round and bulgy and contain more than 50 % oil. The taste of cold-pressed sunflower is soft and mild. It is well suited for fresh salads and raw food, but also perfect for steaming and cooking.

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cereal and flour products

wholemeals Various flours and wholemeals in certified organic and BIOLAND quality …

… derive from cereals predominantly grown by domestic farmers.

Our selection consists of:
wholemeal flours from: barley, oat, rye, spelt and wheat
spelt flour type 1050
rye flour types 997, 1150, 1370
wheat flour types 550, 812,1050
wholemeals fine, medium and coarse from barley, oat, rye, green spelt, spelt and wheat

and more flour specialities
please ask for details!

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grains Whole and squashed grains as well as groats in certified organic and BIOLAND quality …

… derive from cereals predominantly grown by domestic farmers.

Our selection consists of:
whole grains of barley, oat, rye, green spelt, spelt and wheat
squashed grains of rye
groats of barley and oat

and more specialities of grains and groats
please ask for details!

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Flakes Flakes, semolina and bran in certified organic and BIOLAND quality …

… derive from cereals predominantly grown by domestic farmers.

Our selection consists of:
flakes from barley, oat (fine ground and coarse), rye, spelt and wheat
semolina from rye, wheat
bran from wheat

and more specialities of flakes and semolinas
please ask for details!

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More organic raw materials

In co-operation with experienced producers and importers …

… more valuable organic raw materials are available:

Organic oil and baking seeds
- canihua
- chia seed
- hemp seed hulled and unhulled
- linseed golden
- linseed dodder

Organic cereals and cereal products
- bulgur
- couscous
- oat/flour/flakes

Organic gluten-free “cereals”
- amaranth/flour/flakes
- maize semolina/flour ---> also in baby food-quality!
- millet red unhulled
- millet golden hulled/flour/flakes
- quinoa flour/flakes white/red/black
- rice flour/flakes/flour ---> also in baby food-quality!

Spices and herbs

Organic pulses
- chickpeas
- lupins flour/crushed
- soybeans/flour/crushed

Organic nut kernels
- almond kernels – all qualities
- Brazil nut kernels medium/midget
- hazelnut kernels – all qualities
- pine kernels
- walnut kernels – all qualities

Organic oils
- canola oil native/deodorized
- coconut oil VCO/deodorized
- pumpkin seed oil
- sunflower oil native/deodorized

Organic dried fruit and chips
- banana chips coins/quarters
- blueberries sweetened by organic apple juice concentrate
- coconut desiccated fine/medium
- cranberries soft & moist
- currants
- kaki “Persimmon” coins/diced
- raisins South Africa
- sultanas Turkey

Organic baking ingredients
- coconut flour low fat
- coconut flower sugar
- psyllium husks
- wheat gluten

and …

organic butter in normal and extra hard quality

Thank you for your inquiry!

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